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Ferry and Cruise in the Andaman Islands and its Unforgettable Memories

Andaman Islands is an amazing destination and what makes this destination even more beautiful is the way we connect from one island to the other. Though each of the island has various things to offer and to explore. However, the way one connect from one island to the other is just amazing. Consider a case where you have to visit Havelock island from Port Blair or Neil Island to Havelock Island in a Cruise/Ferry. There are various options to reach the other destination. One can take a Government ferry to reach Havelock, Port Blair or Neil Island. For those who prefer a little more luxury can avail Green Ocean from Port Blair . Green Ocean was recently launched in the Andaman Islands. Green ocean is very similar to Government ferry in Andaman that is an all season ferry and also provide great comfort during ones visit to the Andaman Islands. Other ways to reach Havelock, Port Blair and Neil Island is Makruzz, which is a faster cruise and provides various kinds of luxury seating for