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Are there any Photographers in Andaman for pre-wedding shoots?

The wedding is a moment that makes two people one and is the most celebrated occasion in the world irrespective of your nationality and religion. These days pre-wedding photo shoots and videos are in demand and couples are looking for exotic places to have their shoot done. One such exotic place that is in your budget and breathtakingly beautiful is the Andaman Islands. It is a place that will automatically make your mind shut and emotions will flow but the question is; are there any photographers in Andaman? Well, there are many photographers but wedding shoots require a different skill set and expertise.  The good news is there are many candid photographers in Andaman who will be at your side to capture your moment but a professional photographer is a challenge. Though there are many professional photographers in Port Blair you need to check with them if they can travel with you to different islands for a photo shoot and their budget for the same. Coming to the point whi

How is the weather in the Andaman Islands in the month of November?

The Andaman Islands are known for its tropical climate that does not make you sweat in the summers. Waking up to soft blowing winds caressing your hair and lazing around on the beach in the warm rays of the sun is an ideal way of relaxing during the vacation. If you plan to visit the Andaman Islands in November then it stays assured it is the best time to visit. If you are not fond of rains and water sports is in your mind then opt for November post monsoon trip. In November, almost all the festivals are over and there is comparatively less crowded. At this charges of the hotels will be cheap and you will get much time to enjoy sports and water activities in a relaxed environment. Post monsoon is the time when you get to enjoy Bioluminescence i.e. twinkling or sparkling in the sea due to the presence of phytoplankton in the water. This is a view that you cannot miss and will make you feel nothing less than bliss. The best thing about the islands is that there is no winter

Celebrate Dussehra like never before with Dussehra Andaman Package

Dussehra is a festival of victory of good over evil and every year it is celebrated with pomp and show all over India. So how about this year celebrate Dussehra at Andaman amidst the blue waters and clear blue sky. As most of Bengalis reside in Andaman, they celebrate Durga Puja with full verve and enthusiasm.  There are so many Pandels decorated that host drama on the story of Ramayana and temples are decorated. People clean their houses and make a traditional sweet dish which they gift to the neighbours and relatives. It is a tradition in Andaman to clean the houses, paint them, buy new clothes and start the festivities with Durga Puja, then Dussehra, Diwali and so on. Undoubtedly, Andaman Islands have a spectacular view throughout the year, but during the festive season, it has an altogether different vibe and traditions take over the otherwise relaxed life of the islands. Port Blair and Havelock Islands are decorated with lights and have a full festive season from Durg