How is the weather in the Andaman Islands in the month of November?

The Andaman Islands are known for its tropical climate that does not make you sweat in the summers. Waking up to soft blowing winds caressing your hair and lazing around on the beach in the warm rays of the sun is an ideal way of relaxing during the vacation. If you plan to visit the Andaman Islands in November then it stays assured it is the best time to visit. If you are not fond of rains and water sports is in your mind then opt for November post monsoon trip. In November, almost all the festivals are over and there is comparatively less crowded. At this charges of the hotels will be cheap and you will get much time to enjoy sports and water activities in a relaxed environment.

Post monsoon is the time when you get to enjoy Bioluminescence i.e. twinkling or sparkling in the sea due to the presence of phytoplankton in the water. This is a view that you cannot miss and will make you feel nothing less than bliss. The best thing about the islands is that there is no winter season and summer exists from January-April and then May December. You won’t experience any harsh climate or storms in November but the calm sea breeze will be flowing. Neither too humid nor too windy, it is an ideal time to visit the islands and explore the beauty of nature. Even if you plan to visit with family, it is a non-issue as there is no adverse weather condition to worry about. Though it is advisable to carry sunscreen, bug-repellant or rash cream to avoid mosquito bites and sunburn, so don’t wait and get set to enjoy welcome New Years in the Andaman Islands this year. 

What are some of the activities we should plan with kids? 

Travelling with kids is not easy and when it comes to visiting the Andaman Islands you bet it will be a bumpy ride. So what to do to ensure your kids enjoy in the islands and you also get to do things listed on your check list? Well, firstly don’t forget to add things to do with kids in your check list so that they don’t feel bored and ignored. Keeping them busy is important else they will become cranky and clinging by your side restricting you as well. So here we bring a list of activities for kids in the Andaman Islands:
Ø  Go for glass boat ride with them. This is safe and they get to see the marine life of the islands without actually getting wet.
Ø  Take them fishing and teach them how to catch the fish.
Ø  Don’t forget to trek with them. The trail from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban that includes forest and extinct species of birds that will surely make them love the Trek. You can also do camping in the forest and give them another experience to remember.
Ø  Check out extinct species of birds at Chidiya Tapu. This place has a diverse variety of birds that you will not find locally.

Ø  Lastly, they can also enjoy on the beach playing volleyball, going for speed boat with an expert or parasailing with a guide, if they really want some thrill and you feel it’s safe to try.
Traveling with kids can be difficult sometimes as one has to cater to their needs and plan the trip according to their comfort level. But surely, it has its own perks and holidaying with family creates ever lasting memories and bonds that are hard to shake. Though, it is advisable to travel in the month of November to April for the best experience.  


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