How will be the weather in Andaman in October-November?

If you always wanted to go at a place that is a combination of bliss and blast then Andaman Islands should be your destination this year. If its naturalness makes you feel blissful then its sports activities make one feel the rush in his veins. Often people go high to relax or do something adventurous but here at Andaman Island the more you connect to nature and go deep in water more enthusiastic and peaceful you will become.  So if you are planning to visit the islands let’s get some points straight:. 

·   The ideal time to visit Andaman Islands is in October. The post monsoon beauty of the islands will make you awestruck and waking up with cool fresh breeze will make you instantly want to relocate.

·     As the monsoons has passed and vacations are over, this is the time when the island is less crowded and gearing up for festivals like Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali.

·    You get to experience Bioluminescence vision which makes the sea twinkle like stars due to presence of phytoplanktons. This happens during the month of October/November after the monsoons.  So, do visit Havelock Island to view this amazing marvel of nature.

·    You get to dive in deep in water which is not possible during the monsoons. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at time will take you to another high and you will be spell bound by the rare yet colorful coral reefs in the sea.

Also, living in wood cottage with a vast expanse of sea, island hopping and witnessing amazing    sunset and sunrise is an experience you should not miss at any cost.
So don’t wait and book your ticket for trip to Andaman Islands which cost less in October in            comparison to summer vacations


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