Is it worth visiting Andaman with an infant?

The Andaman Islands are the pristine islands that offer much-needed solace and comfort to the urban people trapped in corporate lifestyle. It is a place which is safe and comfortable to stay thanks to private cottages and hotels that make accommodation cheap and comfortable

If you are visiting Andaman with infant there might be many doubts in your mind, and you might want to take a rain check but stop. These islands are safe and secure for babies, and by taking some precaution your trip will be fun and exciting:

Ø  Opt for Breast Feeding: If you have a baby of 6-7 months, then it's better to feed him yourself rather than local milk as he has not developed the taste and it will be a sudden shock.

Ø  Keep their milk bottles sterilize: If you feel feeding your baby awkward in public places or while sightseeing them opt for a breast pump and feed him your milk through their bottles. But make sure that the bottles are properly sterilized every day before feeding them.

Ø  Carry full sleeve clothes and hats: It is better to keep them covered from mosquito bites of flies on the beach with full sleeve clothes. It is essential to keep their heads covered to avoid direct contact with the sun, sunstroke or sunburns with a hat or cap.

Ø  Don't forget to apply baby oil or cream: Keep their skin moisturized by applying baby oil or cream. It works as a protective layer and babies don't feel itchy.

Ø  Keep a pouch of medicines: If you are travelling to Andaman with kids then keep your medicine box with you. Kids play and get themselves injured, so it is essential to have necessary medications, bandage, and Dettol for an immediate solution.

Travelling with kids/baby is difficult no doubt, but with little preparation and pre-planning, it can become your best trip together as a family.


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