I am planning to visit Andaman in October. Can anyone tell me what to expect at the islands in the month of October?

The ideal time to visit the islands is from October to May. The reason behind this is, after the retreat of monsoons the Andaman Islands is fresh and colourful flowers are blooming all around. The freshness of season, clear blue waters, coral reefs and excitement of festival season makes it an ideal place to visit. One gets to celebrate Dussehra or Diwali in a traditional Bengali manner as there is a large population of Bengali’s in the area. Along with Dussehra, you will get to celebrate Durga Puja in the local Pandels. Port Blair and Havelock Islands is illuminated with lightning and localities celebrate the festive season with full enthusiasm and gusto.

Along with festivals, water sports are also in full swing in Andaman in October month. You can enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming with elephants at Elephant beach. If you are not into water sports then opt for a banana boat ride that is fun and safe. Glass boat ride is also another option for people who want to explore the marine life and exquisite coral reefs. Airplane Sea services in Andaman are the only active plane ride in India which started in 2011. The sea plane ride is from Port Blair to Havelock Islands and if you wish to visit Barren Island to see the only active volcano in India then opt for sea plane ride. To conclude, the Andaman Islands is a conglomerate of 572 islands and is also a place which has saved in its bosom the history of India, culture and traditions. It is calm and fierce; it is adventurous and relaxing, it is traditional and modern. So if you want to have a wholesome experience do not wait and book your package now.


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