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How will be the weather in Andaman in October-November?

If you always wanted to go at a place that is a combination of bliss and blast then Andaman Islands should be your destination this year. If its naturalness makes you feel blissful then its sports activities make one feel the rush in his veins. Often people go high to relax or do something adventurous but here at Andaman Island the more you connect to nature and go deep in water more enthusiastic and peaceful you will become.  So if you are planning to visit the islands let’s get some points straight:.  ·     The ideal time to visit Andaman Islands is in October. The post monsoon beauty of the islands will make you awestruck and waking up with cool fresh breeze will make you instantly want to relocate. ·       As the monsoons has passed and vacations are over, this is the time when the island is less crowded and gearing up for festivals like Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali. ·      You get to experience Bioluminescence vision which makes the sea twinkle like stars d

Is it worth visiting Andaman with an infant?

The Andaman Islands are the pristine islands that offer much-needed solace and comfort to the urban people trapped in corporate lifestyle. It is a place which is safe and comfortable to stay thanks to private cottages and hotels that make accommodation cheap and comfortable If you are visiting Andaman with infant there might be many doubts in your mind, and you might want to take a rain check but stop. These islands are safe and secure for babies, and by taking some precaution your trip will be fun and exciting: Ø  Opt for Breast Feeding: If you have a baby of 6-7 months, then it's better to feed him yourself rather than local milk as he has not developed the taste and it will be a sudden shock. Ø  Keep their milk bottles sterilize: If you feel feeding your baby awkward in public places or while sightseeing them opt for a breast pump and feed him your milk through their bottles. But make sure that the bottles are properly sterilized every day before feeding them.

Opt for two nights three days package in the Andaman Islands

The weekend is the time when one can unwind himself and recharge for another gruelling week. If travelling is your passion and you are looking for a weekend getaway, then nothing can beat a short trip to the Andaman Islands. The breath taking a view of these islands, natural beauty, flora and fauna in its full bloom and turquoise water will make you yearn for such getaways every month. Andaman Island is a conglomerate of 572 islands has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, sports and history. It is a place which was considered taboo by many Indians as it was famous as Kaala Pani under the British rule where freedom fighters were kept as prisoners for a lifetime. Now it is a place where one comes to relax and rejuvenate.  First book two nights three days package in the Andaman Islands that will not cost you a fortune but will help you stay in a comfortable accommodation and explore the most important places. Booking a package is always beneficial as it covers everythin

I am planning to visit Andaman in October. Can anyone tell me what to expect at the islands in the month of October?

The ideal time to visit the islands is from October to May. The reason behind this is, after the retreat of monsoons the Andaman Islands is fresh and colourful flowers are blooming all around. The freshness of season, clear blue waters, coral reefs and excitement of festival season makes it an ideal place to visit. One gets to celebrate Dussehra or Diwali in a traditional Bengali manner as there is a large population of Bengali’s in the area. Along with Dussehra, you will get to celebrate Durga Puja in the local Pandels. Port Blair and Havelock Islands is illuminated with lightning and localities celebrate the festive season with full enthusiasm and gusto. Along with festivals, water sports are also in full swing in Andaman in October   month. You can enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming with elephants at Elephant beach. If you are not into water sports then opt for a banana boat ride that is fun and safe. Glass boat ride is also another option for people who want to