Are there any Photographers in Andaman for pre-wedding shoots?

The wedding is a moment that makes two people one and is the most celebrated occasion in the world irrespective of your nationality and religion. These days pre-wedding photo shoots and videos are in demand and couples are looking for exotic places to have their shoot done. One such exotic place that is in your budget and breathtakingly beautiful is the Andaman Islands. It is a place that will automatically make your mind shut and emotions will flow but the question is; are there any photographers in Andaman? Well, there are many photographers but wedding shoots require a different skill set and expertise. 

The good news is there are many candid photographers in Andaman who will be at your side to capture your moment but a professional photographer is a challenge. Though there are many professional photographers in Port Blair you need to check with them if they can travel with you to different islands for a photo shoot and their budget for the same. Coming to the point which is the best islands and beaches for a photo session in Andaman? Well, Havelock Island is top on the list accompanied by Neil Island. These islands have many beaches that make an ideal setting for the shoot and are not much crowded. So here is the list:

Ø  Radhanagar beach is perfect for a photo shoot as the sunset and tall trees make the place look panoramic. You can even opt for candlelit dinner and photo shoot on the beach.
Ø  Carbyns Cove Beach is yet another beach that is perfect for photo shoots but here sunrise shoots are much better in comparison to sunset.

Ø  Opt for an underwater photo shoot with reefs, fishes and plant kingdom in the sea.

So if you are planning for a pre-wedding shoot; visit the islands and get the most unique and beautiful photo shoot you will cherish for years.  

 How to visit Barren Island? 

BarrenIsland in Andaman is an island that has an only active volcano in the stretch from Sumatra to Myanmar and is the only active volcano in India. The island is given the name Barren because of the obvious reason as it is not a habitable island and only some animals can be found there. Most of the tourists visit Andaman as they are curious about Barren Island and want to visit the island. Well, the island comes under forest department and is the restricted zone; one needs permission from the forest department to visit the island and you cannot stay there overnight. One has to be back by sunset and it is always preferable to visit the island with a native rather than alone.

So how to visit the Barren Island and how much will it cost?
Tourists can visit the island from Port Blair or Havelock Island but have to wake up early as it takes 4-5 hours to reach the island. There are fewer modes of transportation that includes a private ferry ride as there are no government-funded ferries and private ferry can be expensive. So opt for a normal ferry from an agency which carries other tourists as well. Another way to visit the islands is via seaplane or helicopter. It is much faster and you get to see the volcano from the above but on the negative side you cannot go down and explore the area.

If you are going via charter boats then you can also go for scuba diving or snorkeling as many advance divers prefer to explore the sea near the island. Otherwise; one can enjoy sports fishing on the boat. So if you have planned a trip to the barren island; it is advisable to get necessary permits and opt for charter ships rather than private ferries to enjoy the trip in the budget.


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