Scuba Diving Andaman- The Trip Is Practically Incomplete Without This!

For anyone planning  a trip to this amazing island called Andaman going in for scuba diving gets a must. It would not be a wrong thing to say that scuba diving Andaman will make your trip end on an excited note and this is the reason this opportunity should not be missed.
There are three basic things that define out this spellbound island, Scuba diving, ferries and sumptuous seafood. If you are the one who has never given a try to scuba diving when it Andaman call it the right time and the reason why this is being said is that there are enough places that allow you to experience the adventure. Some of the most interesting diving sites include Cinque Island, Fish Rock, Corruption Rock, Bala Reef, Havelock Island and Rutland Island. 

Coming to ferry in Andaman, this is one such fun-filled option that needs to be given a try for sure when at this amazingly beautiful place. There are different options to consider and these include Express Bhagya, Coastal Cruise, Makruzz, Government Ferry and many more. The price per person charged by these ferries varies from Rs 580 to Rs 700 and you can pick the one that suits your pocket. Always keep in mind that the tour package that you choose covers all these interesting elements as then only you will be able to experience the real flavor of this island closely.
Known for its exotic coral and marine life, this island is the most lively one promising you a great travel time. For all those planning to travel to this place, it has to be ensured that Scuba diving Andaman and ferry are a part of the tour package and if not make sure that you ask in for these to seal this experience for the lifetime.


  1. Good info of the activities of Andaman. Some of the best scuba diving tours of the world are also on cancún. Both are great places for vacationing.

  2. thanks for sharing your information,Tourism in Andaman is highly dominated to its natural wonder. Beautiful coral beaches, exciting wildlife, serene lakes & mystic hill stations make it a favorite retreat for nature lovers but really trip will be incomplete without water sports activity.


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