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Andaman is full of unique beauty that puts forwards a different experience for the travellers. You keep on hearing about the spots that vouch for the offbeat holidays, but at the end, it is not. But this is not the case with the Andaman Islands because if you are really looking for an adventure filled trip the Andaman Islands are the place to be.
Cinque Island: Hardly 10 % of the tourists who visit Andaman visit Virgin Island because of its remote location. This is the best destination to let yourself loose, visit this Island is an ideal choice for the adventure lovers. The rocky isles and the sand bar are a perfect treat to see and experience.

Fishing in Havelock Island: Fishing around Havelock is an experience of a lifetime. You can anchor around the Island in Black Marlin, that rides you through the waves, a beautiful and adventurous experience it is.
Barren Island: The Island has the only active volcano in Asia and you need to take permission to reach here. Visiting here is a scary but different experience that you will remember for life.

Sea Walk and Scuba Diving in Andaman: Sea Walk is a beautiful experience where you are taken to a depth of around 10 meters on the sea bed and you get a chance to witness the beautiful aquatic life.

Trekking to Elephant Beach: Elephant beach on the Havelock Island can be reached through boat ride or trekking through the forests. You will love this experience.
Experience Andamans is one such travel agency which offers Adventure Packages to Andaman. If you are looking for a fun-filled and adventurous holiday, get in touch with us and we will get back with the best itinerary that suits your needs. For more details visit our website


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