Andaman Islands: A Perfect destination for Adventure and Fun

Do you think there is no fun visiting Andaman, if you do not know swimming? Wrong! You can splash into the crystal clear blue waters and have all the fun a swimmer can have. Andaman is loaded with adventure sports that do not require you to master swimming, but a strong heart to plunge into the deep waters of sea with a life jacket on. Don’t worry you will have professionals accompanying you and this is what ensures your safety. Here is a list of Best activities in Andaman Islands you will love to know about:

Sea Walk: This is one of the most admired fun adventure sports in Andaman Islands. It’s easy, few simple instructions and you are ready to go. You absolutely do not require any complicated equipment to handle, just a helmet with a large window which offers a close up view of life under water. It is one of the best activities as you can keep your contact lenses and glasses on and your hair won’t get wet.

Speed Boating: So, you are the one, who wants to be in the waters but do not prefer to get wet? What can be better than Speed Boating? You can stand inside a speed boat and enjoy the thrill as it splashes through the waters with a swift. It undoubtedly is one of the best water sports of Andaman for swimmers and non-swimmers equally.

Parasailing: This is one of the most spectacular water sports activities in the heart of Andaman that non-swimmer enjoy to the core. This sport is a wonderful mix of air borne and water adventure. It is an activity where you are harnessed with a parachute and at the same time tied to a motor boat. So, you fly behind the boat as it speeds up and goes deep into the sea. Heart throbbing experience!

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