How to reach Barren Islands from Havelock Islands

The captivating beauty of Barren Island is difficult to resist making scuba divers and adventure seekers taking that extra mile to see the spectacular island amidst blue waters. If you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then Barren Island are the islands not to be missed. The island has the only active volcano that makes it a popular tourist destination. But the question is how to visit Barren Island? Barren Island is a restricted zone devoid of any human population that cannot be visited without taking prior permission from forest department. One can visit the island taking Port Blair Jetty, but if you are planning to visit Havelock Islands, then there is a different route. 

How to reach Barren Island from Havelock? The distance between Havelock Islands and Barren Islands is around 101kms and is an adventure in itself. The mystifying beauty in between the islands is breath taking and a perfect destination for divers to enjoy some underwater diving and snorkelling. It has some of the exotic and colourful corals, fresh water and marine life that make one awestruck. One can take a private boat from Havelock Islands or can contact scuba diving agency’s who can take you to the island. Though one cannot stay overnight on the island or can go deep inside the island to explore the beauty but the ethereal beauty of the island can be experienced from the shore. One of the beautiful views on the island is Basaltic rock formations that give an aesthetic beauty the place. The Private operators in Havelock Islands can take you to the island early in the morning around 5 am as the journey takes 6-8hours or one can hire a private charter to reach early. Undoubtedly, the journey to Barren Island is risky but it is worth taking and the highlight of the trip.


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