Opt for two nights three days package in the Andaman Islands

The weekend is the time when one can unwind himself and recharge for another gruelling week. If travelling is your passion and you are looking for a weekend getaway, then nothing can beat a short trip to the Andaman Islands. The breath taking a view of these islands, natural beauty, flora and fauna in its full bloom and turquoise water will make you yearn for such getaways every month. Andaman Island is a conglomerate of 572 islands has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, sports and history. It is a place which was considered taboo by many Indians as it was famous as Kaala Pani under the British rule where freedom fighters were kept as prisoners for a lifetime. Now it is a place where one comes to relax and rejuvenate. 

First book two nights three days package in the Andaman Islands that will not cost you a fortune but will help you stay in a comfortable accommodation and explore the most important places. Booking a package is always beneficial as it covers everything from travelling to accommodation and itinerary. You can stay in Port Blair and take a private transport for island hopping. In these three days, explore various islands like Ross Island, Havelock Island, Baratang Island, etc. and go for water sports. It is an ideal place for under water activities like scuba diving and snorkelling as it will give you a glimpse of beautiful marine life, spectacular corals reefs and extinct species that still survive here. If you plan to visit after monsoons, then you get to experience amazing Bioluminescence on Havelock islands that make the sea sparkle in moonlight due to the presence of Phytoplankton. There are many such experiences in Andaman that will enrich your life and make you come back again to explore more. So make the most of your weekend at the Andaman Islands.


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